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Be Strategic: Develop Your Plan of Action for Winning Government Contracts

Wed 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Topic: Government Contracting

To be successful in winning government contracts, it is important for business owners to understand, articulate and write out their what, why and how regarding how to do business with the government. It includes defining metrics to measure progress in order to know where you are relative to their goal (and recalibrate as needed). This in-depth session is hands-on and designed for participants to have some practical next steps for growing their business by contracting with the Government. Participants who complete the session will: 1. Identify internal and external applications of strategic thinking and how they benefit their organization. 2. Understand their businesses' capabilities (SWOT: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats). 3. Identify their target customer and geographic area of focus. 4. Learn the steps to marketing to the federal government. 5. Develop a one-page strategic plan.

Speaker(s): Ricky Tucker & Gwendolyn Tucker, RIX International

Co-Sponsor(s): University of Tennessee PTAC, TSBDC & Epicenter

Fee: No Cost

Phone: (901) 333-5085


TSBDC @ Southwest Tennessee Community College
Maxine A. Smith Center, Suite 112
8800 East Shelby Drive Memphis, TN 38125