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Social Media 101

Tue 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Topic: Marketing and Sales

Social Media 101

You are posting regularly, but it's missing magic, or the secret sauce, as the kids say. You sit down daily and think about what to post, and then comes the really fun part, what to say in the caption. Everything is a struggle, and you end up hating the platforms meant to help you build your business.

In this workshop, Jackie Barnes will cover:

  • Storytelling basics
  • Content ideas
  • Tools to help ease the pain of posting

Join us March 21st via Zoom as we host guest speaker Jackie Barnes (Jackie Barnes Consulting)

About your speaker: Some people watch the commercial in stoic silence, and some people re-write the commercial out loud while they're watching it. Jackie is the latter. Through an obsession with words and a love for telling stories, she has helped companies and individuals develop and execute national campaigns, leaving behind legacies they can be proud to tout.

Speaker(s): Jackie Barnes Consulting

Fee: No Cost