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How to Write a Winning Proposal Using the StoryBrand Framework

Thu 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Facilitated by TSBDC of Chattanooga
Topic: Marketing and Sales

Which proposal would you rather receive -- a 38-page document with complete company history, leadership bios, and business philosophy, or a succinct and clear pitch on the problems being addressed, how they will be fixed, and what it will cost to fix them?

Proposals should give the recipient a short, compelling summary of work that can be easily shared with other decision-makers. This is the key to advancing your goals and winning business. In this session we’ll explore the elements of a good proposal: the problem, the hook, and the solution (BTW, that solution is you).

Taught by Josh Davis, founder of 8Bend Marketing, a Certified StoryBrand Guide.

Fee: No Cost